Brands We Represent

Habshi Trading is one of the leading stockists and suppliers of Mechanical products. Our broad portfolio of products encompass some of the most respected global brands of the mechanical products/ mechanical components. Our primary focus is always delivering products that are value effective and bear high quality standards. We have added a competitive edge to our expertise by stocking staple materials that allow us quicker and prompt delivery. Almost all our brands and products stand for high quality and their validity is supported by international certification. All our branded products leave our premises after stringent quality inspections by our qualified professionals and they have been vigorously used in some prestigious projects around the State of Qatar.

Insulating Material Insulating Material - KIMMCO

KIMMCO ( Kuwait Insulating Material Manufacturing Co.) is a leading eco-friendly manufacturer of insulation solutions for HVAC, technical/industrial applications and building (roofs, walls, floors, metallic buildings). KIMMCO is ISO 9001,…

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Weicco Weicco - Weicco

Weicco is a leading Indian manufacturer of HVAC, Plumbing, Pipeline Installation and Vibration Isolation segments. It supplies pipe hangers and supports, vibration isolators –spring based, vibration isolators –elastometric, seismic restraints,…

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National Fittings National Fittings - National Fittings

National Fittings is the ISO 9001 manufacturer of quality piping components with a complete range of fittings and ball valves in carbon and stainless steel, fittings and grooved couplings from…

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Siam Fittings Siam Fittings - Siam

Siam Fittings is the leading manufacturer and exporter of malleable iron pipe fittings and bronze pipe fittings produced under the trademark SA. These pipe fittings conform to the highest international…

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